Contract Disputes and Litigation

Every business will find itself involved in a contract dispute at one point or another. Contract law is one of the most complicated and nuanced topics in the legal profession.  Litigating contract cases requires both creativity and vast knowledge of the law governing contracts. That’s where the experienced business litigation attorneys from the Carroll Law Firm, LLC can help.

Contract Disputes

The Requirements of a Contract

The first step in any contract dispute is determining whether a valid and enforceable contract exists in the first place.  All contracts must have certain items in them in order for them to be effective and enforceable. For example, all contracts must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Consideration: both parties named in the contract must offer something of value.
  • Offer and acceptance: there must be a clear offer to enter into a contract and a clear acceptance of the offer.
  • Legal purpose: the purpose of the contract cannot violate any law in Georgia.
  • Capable parties: the signatories to the contract must be authorized and competent to enter into a contract.   
  • Mutual assent: the parties involved in the contract must have an intent to be bound to the terms of the agreement and need to agree on the terms of the contract (i.e., a “meeting of the minds”).

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are common among small and large businesses. There will almost always come a time where you will face a contract dispute. It is critical to take the appropriate steps to preserve your rights to litigate a contract dispute.  For example, the decision whether to take the proper legal steps to rescind, affirm or terminate a contract must be made promptly and in accordance with certain technical requirements.  The team from the Carroll Law Firm, LLC can represent you in any type of contract dispute, including those brought by partners, fellow shareholders, independent contractors, vendors, employees and other companies.  Call the office of the Carroll Law Firm, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia at 404-816-4555 to schedule your free consultation.