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Atlanta Partner/Shareholder Dispute Attorney

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for partners or large shareholders to breach contractual, fiduciary, or other statutory duties they owe to the company and each other. Even in small companies run by friends or family, one bad egg can end up engaging in unfair conduct or self-dealing, violating a shareholder or partnership agreement, or otherwise elevating their interests above those of the company. Moreover, even if no one person has committed a wrongdoing, partners may have disagreements about the disbursement of dividends, executive or managerial compensation, the terms of a buyout agreement, or other disputes about the nature of the company or the rules under which it operates. All too often, business decisions and formation agreements boil down to a handshake rather than a clear written document; inevitably, conflict arises down the line.

Atlanta business law attorney Stacey Carroll has years of experience representing individuals and companies in partnership and shareholder disputes. At the Carroll Law Firm, we understand that there is often a delicate balance between promoting business interests and avoiding conflicts and complications, while still upholding contractual and legal duties to the business and to the key players in that business. We know business, and we know the law, and our goal is to tailor our representation to your needs. Atlanta partner/shareholder dispute attorney Stacey Carroll will work with you to manage and mitigate any dispute, preserving the reputation and the viability of your business, while effectively and vigorously protecting the rights and responsibilities of you and your company.

Resolve your disputes fairly, effectively, and painlessly

Partnership and shareholder disputes serve only to interrupt the daily operation of your company. The more blown-out these disputes become, the more they distract from the purpose and effectiveness of running your business. At the Carroll Law Firm, we aim to resolve your partnership or shareholder dispute as efficiently, effectively, and fairly as possible, striving to appease all parties involved and preserve your business as best as possible. Our firm will work with you to identify the core elements of your dispute and determine an efficacious and acceptable result. We have experience solving problems related to:

  • Business dissolution, business succession, and asset disbursement. We will help you decide fairly which partners and shareholders get what should the business be dissolved, merged, or acquired.
  • Modifying contracts or agreements with regard to compensation, duties, ownership and responsibility.
  • Disagreements within shareholder groups, investment partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships or limited liability partnerships.
  • Fair and appropriate disbursement of dividends or other shareholder benefits.
  • Issues of wrongdoing or impropriety. If a partner or shareholder has been accused or suspected of self-dealing over the interests of the company, violating fiduciary, contractual, or other legal duties, running afoul of regulations or laws, or otherwise harming the operation or reputation of the company, we will help you resolve the issue.
  • Intellectual property conflicts, such as trademark and trade secret infringement.
  • Management and control issues. While a general or managing partner typically handles day-to-day operations of a business, larger decisions such as the acquisition or sale of real estate or other major assets, entering into key agreements, mergers, etc., require a majority vote of all partners or shareholders. If those parties are unable to agree, we can help your company come to a reasonable decision in the best interests of the business.

Our goal is to work through these issues internally, without resorting to the courts. If outside help is needed, we will pursue alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration first, where possible. And where an individual’s wrongdoing puts the entire company in jeopardy, we will help you protect your business first while finding the appropriate method of removing the ne’er-do-well and fixing whatever problems they have created.

If a partner or major shareholder is misappropriating business assets or income for personal use, diverting business opportunities for their own gain, or otherwise takes action to help themselves rather than the business, we will help you ensure that they pay appropriate damages back to the company for the harm they have caused.

Experienced Atlanta Business Attorney Ready to Handle Your Partnership or Shareholder Dispute

Partnership and shareholder disputes involve complex issues of corporate law, finance and accounting, and other complicated matters such as intellectual property. If your business is facing internal disputes related to these matters or you are personally involved in a partnership or shareholder dispute within your company, contact an Atlanta partnership & shareholder dispute attorney at the Carroll Law Firm for help. You can reach us at 404-816-4555 for a free consultation.

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