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Atlanta Insurance Litigation Attorney

Georgia residents and business owners purchase insurance to protect their interests from a wide range of risks, with the expectation that their policy coverage will pay out for rightful claims. However, the process can become complicated and overwhelming when the insurance company fails to uphold its end of the bargain. In some situations, misconduct by insurers amounts to bad faith in violation of state insurance laws.

At the Carroll Law Firm LLC, our team has comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience working with insurance companies on behalf of Georgia policyholders. If your insurer is not acting in good faith, we’ll be at your side to enforce your rights as an insured. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation with an Atlanta insurance litigation attorney, and read on for some important information about our legal services.

Types of Insurance Litigation Cases We Handle

We provide top quality legal advice and counsel in a wide range of insurance disputes, for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our attorneys are prepared to represent you in connection with: 

  • Auto policy claims, in which your insurer wrongfully denies your claim for vehicle property damage or improperly delays payment to make necessary repairs;
  • Insurance liability claims, where your insurance company doesn’t defend your interests and puts your personal interests at stake;
  • Homeowners’ policy claims that should be paid out promptly, since you suffer immeasurable losses when your basic living arrangements are compromised;
  • Commercial casualty claims, which put your business interests at risk if your insurance company engages in misconduct in processing payment; and,
  • Business interruption claims, where insurers often gain the upper hand because of their in-depth knowledge of the complicated laws.

How Our Team Protects Your Interests

At the Carroll Law Firm LLC, our lawyers are committed to pursuing all available remedies under Georgia’s statute on insurance bad faith. Many of these cases involve first party claims, where an insurance company has the duty to pay or deny the claim within a reasonable period of time. A frivolous, unfounded refusal allows you to seek damages for the claim amount, damages in excess of $5,000, and attorneys’ fees. Our process for protecting your rights as a first-party insured includes:

  • Reviewing your insurance documentation to determine coverage details and the obligations of each party;
  • Investigating the unique circumstances of your claim, whether you’re filing under a business, homeowners, or auto insurance policy;
  • Entering into negotiations with the insurance company, in which we’ll fight to get approval of your claim and payment for your losses; and,
  • Filing a case in court, if the insurer refuses to provide fair, reasonable payment of your lawful claim.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Insurance Litigation Attorney Today

If your insurance company has denied your claim under reasons you believe amount to bad faith, please contact the Carroll Law Firm LLC at 404-816-4555. We can schedule a complimentary consultation at our offices in Atlanta, GA to review your circumstances. Once we learn more about your situation, we can determine the best strategy for moving forward.

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