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Atlanta Homeowners’ Policy Claims Attorney

Georgia homeowners purchase insurance to obtain financial protection and peace of mind, so it’s unfortunate when an insurance company puts profits above their legal obligations under the policy terms. Insurers often make conscious decisions to prioritize their own interests, but homeowners do have rights under state law. A bad faith denial of your claim is unlawful, so there are legal options for holding an insurer accountable.

Our team at the Carroll Law Firm LLC are knowledgeable in the legal remedies that are available when an insurance company doesn’t comply with the duty to act in good faith. You may be able to file a lawsuit against an insurer to get proper payment under your policy, along with other damages. Please contact us to set up a no-cost consultation with an Atlanta homeowners’ policy claims attorney, and check out an overview of the relevant legal concepts.

How Georgia Homeowners’ Policy Claims Work

When you file a claim under your homeowners’ insurance, you do so as a first party because you have a direct contract with the insurer; the company is the second party. As such your relationship is covered by state laws that require the insurer to act in good faith for claims related to:

  • Damage to your home from a fire, storms, a break-in, flooding, ice, falling trees, and other unforeseen events;
  • Destruction to the contents, including personal property, jewelry, and collections;
  • Losses to your vehicles and other items in your garage; and,
  • Damage to other improvements and structures on your property.

The specifics are contained within your policy terms and exclusions, if any.

Grounds for Denying Your Insurance Claim

An insurance company may reject your homeowners’ insurance claim for proper reasons, and may delay payment while it conducts an investigation. However, the adjuster may offer improper reasons when handling your claim. He or she may tell you that your losses fall under an exclusion or that the damages are less than what you’re requesting. Alternatively, you might also receive a notification from an “independent” examiner that your claim is baseless.

Because you’re in the position of a first party, the insurer is required by law to pay within a reasonable time or provide detailed reasons for a denial. Failure to do so provides you with remedies under Georgia’s statute on bad faith insurance claims, including:

  • Payment of your rightful claim;
  • Damages of half your claim or $5,000, whichever is greater; and,
  • Attorneys’ fees.

At the Carroll Law Firm LLC, our goal is to obtain the full amount the insurer owes you after engaging in bad faith insurance practices. We’ll attempt to negotiate a settlement to get a fair amount under your policy, but we’ll take the company to court as necessary to protect your rights.

Get Legal Help from an Atlanta Homeowners’ Policy Claims Lawyer

If you’d like more information on how we can help enforce your rights after a bad faith denial under your homeowners’ insurance policy, please contact the Carroll Law Firm LLC. You can schedule a free consultation at our office in Atlanta, GA by calling 404-816-4555. We can explain your rights and discuss your legal remedies after we have the opportunity to evaluate your circumstances.

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