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Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With A Georgia Medical Malpractice Claim


If you suffered an injury because a medical professional or hospital acted negligently, you might be entitled to recover compensation through a medical malpractice claim. However, dealing with a medical malpractice claim can be an exhausting and confusing process. That’s why it is advisable to retain a skilled medical malpractice attorney. An attorney can help you avoid the mistakes people make when dealing with medical malpractice cases.

The following are some of the mistakes you should know about:

Mistake #1: Giving Out Too Much Information

Some medical malpractice victims make the mistake of letting their medical professionals know they are contemplating filing a medical malpractice claim before consulting their attorney. This is usually not a good idea. If you tell your medical professional you are thinking of filing a medical malpractice claim against them, they might, for example, add matters into your medical records that make it hard for you to recover the compensation you deserve. Worse yet, relevant evidence may disappear.

You should also avoid sharing too much information on social media. Statements on your social media pages could harm your claim, so it is best to avoid discussing your case online.

Mistake #2: Giving a Recorded Statement

Claims adjusters are trained to collect information that will help the hospital or medical professional. You have the right to speak to a claims adjuster if you wish, but you want to avoid giving a recorded statement since whatever is captured in a recorded statement can be used against you. The best practice is to avoid speaking to a claims adjuster altogether and to retain a medical malpractice attorney to handle those discussions.

Mistake #3: Not Obtaining a Copy of Your Medical Records

After suffering an injury because of a hospital’s or medical professional’s negligence, you need to obtain your medical records as soon as possible. If you don’t, your records may get tampered with, which could adversely affect your claim.

Mistake #4: Filing a Claim Against the Wrong Parties

If you have seen more than one medical professional, it might be challenging to identify which one is responsible for your injury. If you don’t have an attorney helping you, you might end up filing a claim against the wrong party. Unfortunately, some people who file medical malpractice claims against the wrong party find out about their mistake late when the statute of limitations has expired.

Mistake #5: Settling Too Early

Claimants agree to settle too early for various reasons. For example, you may consider settling early to avoid court fees. It is crucial that you avoid settling your case too early before you have understood the full extent of your injury and damages. If you settle too early, you may end up with less than you deserve.

Contact an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you suffered an injury due to the negligence of a medical professional or hospital, reach out to an experienced and dedicated Atlanta medical malpractice attorney at Carroll Law Firm for help. Contact us at 404-816-4555 to schedule a consultation.

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