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Myths About Premises Liability Debunked


Premises liability cases can be complex and challenging. Perhaps this is why numerous myths about such cases have developed. Below we debunk six of these myths.

Myth #1: Only Property Owners and Landlords Can Be Held Liable in Premises Liability Cases

False: Indeed, property owners and landlords are often liable in premises liability cases. However, other individuals can be held liable in premises liability, also, such as property managers and maintenance companies.

Myth #2: Premises Liability Only Applies To Slip and Fall Cases

False: While it is true that premises liability cases often involve slip and falls, it is not true that premises liability only applies to slip and fall cases. There are many other accidents that fall under premises liability. For instance, an assault can fall under premises liability if the assault happened because of negligent security. Other types of premises liability cases include dog bites and amusement park accidents.

Myth #3: Premises Liability Is Limited to Commercial Properties

False: People often assume that premises liability cases involve accidents that happen in shopping malls and grocery stores. But the truth is that even private homeowners can be liable if a guest is injured in their home.

Myth #4: It Is Impossible to Prove a Premises Liability Claim

False: Indeed, it can be hard to prove a premises liability claim because it is often the plaintiff’s word against the defendant’s. But there are ways to prove your case. An attorney can help you gather evidence, such as video camera footage, that can help you prove your premises liability claim. You can also use eyewitness testimony to help you prove your claim.

Myth #5: You Cannot File a Premises Liability Claim if There Was a Warning Sign

False: Just because there was a warning sign where you suffered your accident doesn’t mean you cannot file a claim and recover compensation. For example, if there was a warning sign, but it was hidden in a way that you could not see it before you reached the dangerous condition, or the warning was not obvious, you may be eligible for compensation.

Myth #6: In a Premises Liability Case, You Can Only Be Compensated for Physical Injuries

False: It is possible for you to recover other damages, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering, in a premises liability case.

Contact an Atlanta Unsafe Premises Attorney

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